Why is Our Government Spying on Us?

Why is Our Government Spying on Us?

The Unites States government under President Barack Obama has greatly increased the powers of the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency. This seems like a good thing until you find out what is actually going on. DHS patrols the streets of America and NSA spies on Americans. This is sick and what our founding father fought tooth and nail to expel from our homes.

Last year it became headline news when DHS bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. The explanation for the large purchase is that there was an economy of scales situation where the large purchase was much cheaper than making a smaller purchase. The legitimacy of this claim has come into question. At the same time of this purchase, DHS also bought several Armored Personnel Carriers, which are large armored cars. The purposes of these APCs are to patrol the streets of major US cities. One of which has been sent to Detroit.

More recently the Whitehouse has come under fire for tapping the phones, reading the emails of, and spying on American Citizens. If that is not bad enough (it is BAD that our government is spying on us), the Obama administration is not spying on our closest allies. France is being spied on, with millions of calls being listened to within a 30 day time period. Now Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel has had her call information spied on by the Obama administration. In a world of enemies, Barack Obama has done everything he can to make sure to alienate some of our oldest and strongest allies in Europe. 


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