Obama’s greatest broken promise

Syria has been in turmoil for several years now, just recently things escalated when chemical weapons (WMDs) were used on an attack against Syrian civilians. The evidence for who used the WMDs against the innocents that were attacked are not clear. Was the government responsible for the attacks or was it the terrorist backed rebels the ones who committed these atrocities? I believe it was the desperate rebels who were attempting to frame the government. 

Either way, Obama had promised that he would attack and send in a limited air strike against key government controlled military installations. The idea was not to cripple the government, instead just to “teach the government a lesson”. Because killing Syrians will teach the government a lesson… 

Obama broke yet another promise. This was not going to be popular to attack Syria, but if our President promises and breaks that promise to attack a country then anyone can attack someone else without reparations. Syria can attack innocent people, how long before North Korea can attack the South? Or Iran can attack Israel, or Mexico can attack a nation in Central America? How long before the strength that once was synonymous with The United States of America becomes so deteriorated that China or Russia feels that they can attack us on our own soil?

I am not advocating that we attack everyone else, or that we act as the world’s police. If the President says he will do something, he better do it. The President should be an example and someone who is looked up to. Being the President means that when you make a promise you need to keep it.


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