Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema has once again reestablished his firm belief in traditional marriage. At the Berrien County Republican Party Holiday Reception Dave spoke from past experiences he has had at the workplace where coworkers had taken advantage of employee provided healthcare to receive free treatment for friends who were not their legitimate spouses. He did not make a blatant statement against all homosexuals; he just discussed an occurrence that he witnessed.

This speech garnered a lot of attention from the liberal media and has been pushed by a minority of liberal Republicans. As a young person, I assure you that many young people see his speech as an exercise in free speech. Free speech in the age of Facebook and Twitter being one of our most treasured Rights. While some young people also have a commitment to traditional marriage that is not the view of all young people. What we can agree on is that we support Dave’s ability to use free speech and stay true to his convictions. I applaud Mr. Agema for standing up for convictions, regardless of whether I agree with them or not. It is rare to see people who do not back down from intense scrutiny and stick to their beliefs.

Agema really was just restating the Republican Party Platform. Our platform supports traditional marriage and that is all that Dave was doing. There is nothing wrong with Dave staying true to party platform and promoting Republican values. The core of his speech was stressing the importance of unity at this cross roads in America. Dave gave a speech that had a positive message and discussed unifying the Tea Party and Republican Party. The Republican Party is a big tent, we are able to focus on shared values and come together when the liberal agenda is being pushed onto us. Dave, like a majority of young people believe that we can find a common ground which we will use to win in 2014 and beyond. 


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